• The anti-canal movement has a woman’s face in Nicaragua

    In June 2013, the current Nicaraguan government handed over the concession of the inter-oceanic canal to the International Hong-Kong Nicaragua Canal Development Investment Co. (HKND Group). The Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega granted the concession for construction and exclusive management of the inter-oceanic canal to HKND Group for a period...
  • The thin line between fanaticism and sin

    In the early hours of the morning of 21 February 2017 in El Cortezal, a small quiet town in the Northeast of Nicaragua, Vilma Tujillo, a 25-year old mother of two was burned by members of an evangelical church of which she was a member. El Cortezal is a no-man’s...
  • How do you like your coffee?

    After water, coffee is one of the most consumed drinks by humans. The demand for coffee annually presents a significant growth in the world’s market, so its production intensifies in producing countries. Coffee is best to cultivate in tropical areas such as Central America, parts of South America, and...
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