• Who is killing our environmentalists?

    In 2015, reported killings of environmentalists globally reached a record high. By then, the figure was 185 killings across 16 selected countries in total. Nevertheless, 2016 claimed more lives traded-off for environmental justice than ever. With each headline attracting international attention, the scope of research broadened, covering 25 countries...
  • Protecting Honduras: the life of Berta Cáceres

    Honduras has since 2009 been plagued with endless murders and is today renowned as the world’s most dangerous country for environmental defenders. Between 2010 and 2014 alone, 116 environmental activists have been killed, 12 of whom were reported murdered in 2014. These murders have been premised on Honduras’ natural...
  • Alabama3 Credits: BBC

    Woke up this Morning – Alabama 3

    Woke up this Morning is a song by English band Alabama 3 (also known as A3) from their 1997 album Exile on Coldharbour Lane. The song became famous as the theme song for the HBO TV show The Sopranos, but it was around long before the show and remained an obscurity until...
  • Gimme Shelter 1969

    Gimme Shelter is the opening track to the 1969  Rolling Stones album ‘Let it Bleed’, probably one of the best albums by the band, released in a moment of strong political and social tension worldwide. It was written by lead vocalist Mick Jagger, and guitarist Keith Richards, who wrote the unforgettable riff...
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