modern slavery

  • Domestic servitude: invisible modern slaves

    Many migrant women reach Europe with the hope of a better life, only to be subjected to domestic servitude across the continent. While it is not as publicly recognised as sexual exploitation, domestic servitude can trap its victims for years and it is often harder to uncover. What is...
  • Escape from slavery

    Amman, Jordan – Ghem knew if she didn’t flee the house immediately she may never have another opportunity of escape. The 23-year old Filipino house cleaner’s “madam” had forgotten to lock the front door of the home she had been working, and not been able to leave for three...
  • The ugly side of the beautiful game

    For me, it was the blistering goal of an 18-year-old Michael Owen as England were defeated by Argentina in the 1998 World Cup in France which sparked my interest in football. I remember taking the day off school, dubiously ill as I tucked into popcorn and watched Owen electrify...
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