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  • Sexual violence prevention: mobile apps that target men?

    “There’s an app for that” is an expression you’ve probably heard. Owning a cellphone is almost ubiquitous in this day and age. Unfortunately, it’s also ubiquitous to know someone who has experienced sexual assault or harassment, wherever you are in the world and especially since the #metoo campaign went...
  • Apps against climate change

      Today, over 4 billion people have mobile phones. Even the developing world had internet phone coverage of about 54% by 2013. In India, more people have mobile phones than they have access to toilets. With 7.86 billion mobile phones in use worldwide, over 43% of users access the...
  • 10 Social Impact Tools To Watch Out For

    ‘Disruptive technology’ is a buzzword used all too often between app developers and tech investors in search of the next big thing that could change the status quo. Yet the ecosystem often overlooks the untapped potential of international development apps, initiatives and web platforms that work towards achieving the...
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