• Extremist groups crowd fund initiative to hinder migrant rescue overseas

    Chronicles of a bad idea overseas

    When a far-right European group announced its crowdfunding campaign to disrupt rescue missions of migrant boats, human rights groups and concerned citizens burst out in anger. Regardless, the campaign was successful and achieved its financial goal. How did the journey overseas go? Well, that's a completely different story......
  • A successful integration

    While much media attention is on Libya as a country of transit for migrants and refugees, a stepping stone on the way to Europe; there seems to be little focus on displaced Libyans themselves. The descent into chaos of this desert land has forced many of its citizens into...
  • Twice a victim

    “When I was released from prison, the gate was just open. And they asked me to go. I don’t have anybody in Italy. I didn’t have one euro. I didn’t know where I was.” Emmanuel* smiles without joy, revealing the gap from a missing tooth. He was arrested upon...
  • Be aware brother, be aware sister – Rokia Traoré

    According to William Lacy Swing, Director General of the International Organization for Migration (IOM), the number of migrants that arrived in Europe in 2016 is equal to 363,348, of which 181,436 arrived in Italy and 173,561 in Greece. 5,079 people lost their lives in the Mediterranean sea, 1,300 more than in 2015....
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