LGBT rights

  • When activism gets creative

    Today is International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia, celebrated all over the world. In Tunis, Tunisia, there are two big events taking place that protest the existence of the article 230 of the Tunisian penal code, which criminalizes the LGBT+ community, as well as the all too common aggressions...
  • Pride – Matthew Warchus

    The 2014 British film Pride is inspired by the extraordinary true story of a group of London LGBT activists who during the 1984-5 miners’ strike – the longest in British history – raised funds to assist and support families in a Welsh mining village. Written by Stephen Beresford and...

    Nothing but PRIDE in Sri Lanka

    19th July 2015 was a day to remember in Sri Lanka. A music video of the song “Nothing but Pride” was launched at the Auditorium of the Goethe Institute in Colombo. In a country where homosexuality is still considered a crime, the song celebrates diversity and equality encouraging the...
  • Where is the LGBT Barometer tilting?

    A few days ago in Gambia, the president Yahya Jammeh declared that he will personally slit the throats of homosexuals. He’s reiterated his hatred of the LGBT community, increasing penalties for same-sex relations and has dared the west to stop him from implementing this regime. Whether born of a loathing...
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