• Can renewables stop heatwaves in the Middle East?

    Temperatures in Arab countries are establishing new records each summer. The heat waves that are occurring in Kuwait, Iraq and Morocco have highlighted the consequences of climate change in the MENA region. All the while, scientists are expecting a continuous occurrence of such waves in the coming years. This...
  • Escape from slavery

    Amman, Jordan – Ghem knew if she didn’t flee the house immediately she may never have another opportunity of escape. The 23-year old Filipino house cleaner’s “madam” had forgotten to lock the front door of the home she had been working, and not been able to leave for three...
  • Photo by: Marc Veraart / (CC BY-SA 2.0) / Source: Flickr

    The ownership of the female body

    Amman, Jordan – “The key,” Dr Hana Banat says, as she pauses in her pacing to emphasise, “is that we have to get women believing they have more roles to play than just being a mother”. She repeats the sentence for effect. The sounds of shuffling of papers and...
  • The Promised Land of Thirst

       Jordan; a country with an area of  89,342km2 , which is 90% desert, and is the 4th poorest country on the planet when it comes to water. Its people have an ingenious expertise in how to collect, conserve and use the smallest drop of water. Water availability has...
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