• Twice a victim

    “When I was released from prison, the gate was just open. And they asked me to go. I don’t have anybody in Italy. I didn’t have one euro. I didn’t know where I was.” Emmanuel* smiles without joy, revealing the gap from a missing tooth. He was arrested upon...
  • Is the Migration Crisis in Europe an Asymmetric Threat?

    The current migration crisis in the European Union triggered a security-oriented response instead of a state sponsored humanitarian program to deliver temporary shelter, food and basic health care while looking for a political solution to implement existing asylum and return policies and laws. During 2015, we witnessed policies aimed...
  • The Importance of Gender

    Italy remains one of the last countries in the European Union without a specific legislation on civil unions, which means that if a couple is not legally married, it’s not recognized by law and therefore the de facto couple doesn’t have the rights and the duties which legally married couples are...
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