humanitarian aid

  • The call of Yemen and the deafness of the world

    The conflict in Yemen is complex because on the one hand, it involves political, social, humanitarian, military and cultural issues that directly and violently affect civil society. On the other hand, the diversity of actors that are part of the conflict have antagonistic interests, as well as shifting ones,...
  • A new era for humanitarian organizations?

    Médecins Sans Frontières or MSF ( also known as Doctors Without Borders), one of Europe’s biggest humanitarian organization, has recently released a statement criticizing the European Union’s (EU) “deterrence policies and intensifying attempts to push people and their suffering away from European shores,” and the signing of the EU-Turkey...
  • The Guilty Volunteer

    'Voluntouring' is not just ineffective, but can in fact be very harmful for the very people it is meant to help....
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