gender violence

  • Could combating domestic violence in Iran be reframed as a human rights issue?

    The current Iranian government is again trying to pass a law that would finally criminalize domestic violence, reviving an unsuccessful draft from five years ago. However, the efforts to finally provide victims, and potential victims, with the protections they deserve are at risk of being undermined due to resistance...
  • The thin line between fanaticism and sin

    In the early hours of the morning of 21 February 2017 in El Cortezal, a small quiet town in the Northeast of Nicaragua, Vilma Tujillo, a 25-year old mother of two was burned by members of an evangelical church of which she was a member. El Cortezal is a no-man’s...
  • Vineyard_Planting

    The risks of being wine makers in Sudan

    State government Police Commissioner in the five Darfur states in Sudan, had met with police officers for the third time during the month of May 2015.  The prime objective for these meetings was not to put a plan for responding to increased criminal activities perpetrated by the officially recruited gangs from...
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