• Lessons for Africa

    Jubilation and ululation gripped Banjul after an election held in a tiny Western African nation called The Gambia on 1 December 2016 led to the defeat of a long time military dictator. Women, men, the elderly, the young, teemed the streets of Banjul defacing the portraits of Jammeh, some...
  • What’s Next for Women in the Gambia?

    On November 24th, history was made in the Gambia when President Yahya Jammeh publicly condemned female genital mutilation (FGM). Shouting over rapturous applause, President Jammeh said that the controversial practice had no place in a modern society, or in Islam, the country’s predominant religion. Just a month later, the...
  • Where is the LGBT Barometer tilting?

    A few days ago in Gambia, the president Yahya Jammeh declared that he will personally slit the throats of homosexuals. He’s reiterated his hatred of the LGBT community, increasing penalties for same-sex relations and has dared the west to stop him from implementing this regime. Whether born of a loathing...
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