• Deforesting deforestation

    Beginning with the construction of the Transamazon Highway in 1970s, the deforestation of Brazil’s Amazonia has become a significant global issue, not only because of the biodiversity loss and ecological disruption, but also because of the extensive amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) released from burned forests and the loss...
  • The Gendered Dimension of Climate Change

    Readers may already be wondering: “What on earth has climate change got to do with gender?” The perplexity is understandable, as attention to the gendered dimension of climate is relatively new, and environmental issues are often seen as purely technical problems, to be dealt with by scientists and engineers....
  • Fighting for Food

    This 17 April was the 20th annual International Day of Peasants’ and Farmers’ Struggle. It was also a solemn reminder of the risks that millions of farmers face in their seemingly innocuous ambition to simply grow and sell food. Twenty years ago, on 17th April 1996, 19 farmers, members of...
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