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    Is Facebook threatening your ability to protest?

    Have you ever noticed how the ads you see on Facebook can be spookily relevant to you? Maybe you’ve been shopping for a tent online, and suddenly your newsfeed is populated with adverts for tents, or you’ve been chatting with someone in another country and then finding travel adverts....
  • Are we listening?

    In the past several weeks, a suburb of Damascus has become the newest epicenter of the Syrian Conflict. The opposition-held Eastern Ghouta, which is about to enter its fifth year under siege, has been bombarded by hundreds of airstrikes, surface-to-surface missile attacks, artillery bombs, as well as reports of chlorine...
  • Saving traditional print media

    “Only a newspaper can put the same thought at the same time before a thousand readers…So hardly any democratic association can carry on without a newspaper.” In 1835, it already became evident to Alexis de Tocqueville, author of this quotation, that print media had, and would probably continue to have a central part...
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