• The key to “growing your own money”

    There are many companies and researchers who have been working on stoves and other inventions that will allow people to have easy access to alternative cooking methods. Over half of the world still relies on open-flame cooking, which endangers people who inhale harsh smoke and are subject to fire...
  • The Political Conundrum

    Since their discovery in the 1700s followed by their subsequent mining in the 1800s, fossil fuels have been at the heart of mechanization and industrialization. As research has proved, these environmentally unfriendly fuels have been the biggest negative accelerants of climate change and, as such, the world’s focus today...
  • Arctic resources to boost Russia’s pivot to Asia

    The West is not the only global player to have its eyes on Asia. Russia is looking to become a key energy supplier for the Chinese and Indian markets and will use its Arctic gas to do so. Russia aims to diversify its oil and gas exports which have...
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