detention centres

  • “For no longer than necessary”: the issue of immigration detention in the UK

    The UK is the only member of the European Union that has indefinite immigration detention. Only until September, 2017 had seen over 27,000 people put into detention centres under the government’s new migration policies, according to the Amnesty International. Nonetheless, last week, Home Office minister Brandon Lewis faced criticism...
  • UK immigration detention policy reveals Government contempt for human rights

    In September the UK Government faced criticism from human rights groups for failing to back a series of recommendations by the UN Human Rights Council. UN officials made a total of 229 recommendations on UK policy and law which aim to strengthen human rights outcomes, but the Government said...
  • Innocent until proven refugee

    Last February a USA-Australia refugee deal unveiled the embarrassing diplomatic exchange between two powerful nations. Newly elected United States president Donald Trump was outraged by a deal with the Australian government made by his predecessor, involving the reception of 1250 refugees who are currently living on two small islands...
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