Civil war

  • Wives of Lebanon’s Disappeared Left to Cope Alone

    April 13 is a significant day for many Lebanese. Some remember the brutality of Lebanon’s civil war and others would rather just forget that it ever took place. Decades later and many questions remain unanswered for thousands of families whose loved ones were forcibly disappeared. Many families, especially women,...
  • Behind the scenes: Civil War – Guns N’ Roses

    Guns N’ Roses are probably one of the most famous bands in the history of music. Formed in Los Angeles back in 1985 they quickly reached success also thanks to the extraordinary vocals (and eccentricity) of the band’s front-man, Axl Rose, and the iconic guitar solos by Saul Hudson, better...
  • Once Upon a Time, there was Chinese “non-interventionism” policy

      In South Sudan, China is abandoning its usual policy to protect its energetic (and economic) interests WHAT IS HAPPENING IN SOUTH SUDAN? South Sudan, officially known as the Republic of South Sudan, is the youngest state in the world. It was formally created on the 9th July 2011,...
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