calypso music

  • The rise of calypso women

    “ They want to see your whole anatomy, they want to see what you doctor never see. They want to do what you husband never do, still you ain’t know if these scamps will hire you. Well if is all this humiliation to get a job these days as a...
  • From the sugar fields to the carnival

    “…all Caribbeans know, more or less intuitively that in the final analysis, the only sure possession the undertow of history has left them is their paradoxical culture.” – Antonio Benitez Rojo Out of the ashes, we rise. Darkness will always make way for the dawn, and just as mother...
  • Madman’s Rant – David Rudder

    The Caribbean is well-known for its infectious music. Whether it’s the vibrant clinking of a bottle and spoon, the dramatic beat of the tassa drum, the calming strum of the erhu violin, or the thunderous vibration of the steelpan, music is synonymous of a Caribbean experience. The diversity of...
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