• The intellectuals of Yemen

    Art, culture, and civil society are aspects playing a part in the Yemeni conflict that are being overlooked in mainstream media. Just in June of this year, a new Yemeni media initiative emerged focusing on Yemeni art, culture, and civil society, and their role in building bridges within the...
  • To Remember or not? That is the Dilemma

    A few days ago I had the opportunity to watch the play “Villa” written by acclaimed Chilean playwright and director Guillermo Calderon. This unique intercultural theatrical collaboration was coordinated by Indika Senanayake, Sri Lankan actress and theater-maker based in New York. Their collaboration brought this play to life in...
  • Murals in Peru

    An Art that doesn’t last: “Murals are born as a kind of art that comes from the street, and as a consequence it is not an art that is made to last, that is what I understand. It’s a marginal art, graffiti, that allows certain individuals to express themselves...
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