• I Wonder – Sixto Rodriguez

    Thinking about successful attempts by human beings that may influence or change the lives of others for the better, there is no secret recipe. The key is to love what you do and just do it. Because if you love it somebody else may love it as well, and...
  • District 9 – Neill Blomkamp

    What if an alien spaceship landed over Johannesburg, and instead of conquering the planet the stranded visitors ended up victims of a new, inter-planetarian Apartheid? One of the most sensational and original films of 2009, South African science fiction mockumentary DISTRICT 9, avoids all the genre clichés and delivers...
  • A look at consciousness movements

    “Change the way people think, and things will never be the same” S.Biko Today marks the 37th year since Steve Bantu Biko’s funeral. On this day, in 1977, more than 10000 people attended his funeral – including diplomats from 13 countries. The attendance number would have been higher if the...
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