• Safe activism: How to protect yourself while defending civil liberties in Iran

    United for Iran is an NGO that aims to defend human rights in Iran by increasing the awareness of civil society and engaging citizens through technology. Their project Safe Activism: Reducing the Risks and Impact of Arrest is an innovative attempt to secure the rights of political prisoners through...
  • A New Muslim Feminism?

    In Berlin, the opening of a new and most unusual mosque, the Ibn Rushd-Goethe mosque, has incited both support and outrage. What makes this mosque special is that both men and women pray together. This mixed mosque was founded and is led by the female imam and self-proclaimed Muslim...
  • The rise of “Water Protectors”

    For several tumultuous months, Standing Rock in North Dakota (US) has ignited a collective movement to defend natural spaces from senseless contamination. People of all creeds – from Indigenous peoples across Turtle Island to war veterans– have gathered together to protect bodies of water that are under threat at...
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