• Tajikistan: woman’s business

    “My marriage was arranged against my will. It took practically a few days to make it happen. A few weeks into the married life my husband started beating me…” This is the story of Nodira, a young Tajik woman who has suffered abuse from those who, supposedly, should be...
  • Vineyard_Planting

    The risks of being wine makers in Sudan

    State government Police Commissioner in the five Darfur states in Sudan, had met with police officers for the third time during the month of May 2015.  The prime objective for these meetings was not to put a plan for responding to increased criminal activities perpetrated by the officially recruited gangs from...
  • Is it worth the risk? African migrant workers in the Middle East

    The case of African migrant workers in the Middle East is one that has attracted mixed reactions. While the West has consistently seen this as modern slavery, Africans view the job openings in the Middle East as an opportunity to solve the unemployment crisis in the African continent. However,...
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