Cookee Belen

Cookee Belen

Having nearly 15 years of advocacy experience in 4 continents, Cookee is driven by translating development buzz words into real change for those with the least freedoms. She holds an MBA from the University of Geneva with a focus on international organizations management, and is a trainer and change facilitator. She drives innovative collaborations and results-oriented projects on gender, youth, and public health issues – working to build government & NGO capacities on human rights issues, strategy planning, project implementation and M&E.
    • 4Rs to End Street Harassment of Women

      How many times does a woman get harassed on the street waking home, or in her school or in a bus or train? How many times does she get cat called just by passing a construction site, even if it is in the center of the...
    • International Law Comes to Manila

      MANILA – Early last month, it was reported that the United Nations said that Manila’s local policies harm women’s reproductive health (RH) rights. In April 2015, the UN Committee on the Convention of the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) released findings on its inquiry on...
    • VAW: A Comprehensive Approach

      Violence against women and girls continues unabated in every continent, country and culture. It takes a devastating toll on women’s lives, on their families and on society as a whole. Most societies prohibit such violence – yet the reality is that too often, it is covered...
    • 4 Lessons Fundraisers can Learn from Humans of NY

      Photographer Brandon Stanton, the man behind the pulsating blog and #1 New York Times bestselling book, Humans of New York, raised more than $1.4M in just a little over two weeks. It is no small fundraising feat given that the donations ranged from only $5 to $100; in fact,...
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